People Change Business

How We Transform Thinking

  • We ensure clarity on identity and personal purpose – the ‘Who Am I?’
  • We challenge embedded beliefs and habitual patterns of thought
  • We share new thinking on how the brain works so leaders can improve mental agility, focus and decision-making

How We Transform Behaviours

  • We encourage leaders to revisit the choices they make every day at work – so they are always the best choices
  • We ensure participants learn new tools which are then applied to their day-to-day work challenges
  • We generate a high level of energy, interaction, participation and comittment in the room

The pace and unpredictability of change means organisations today must operate very differently to stay ahead. It is the leaders, individually and collectively, who decide how this happens. We, the Primonovo team, are behavioural catalysts working to develop leaders who are authentic, agile and adventurous in order to build the organisations of tomorrow. 

AuthenticAuthentic Leaders

  • Have a strong leadership identity and narrative
  • Mindfully connect with head, heart and gut to shape thinking
  • Build genuine, open and trusted relationships

AgileAgile Leaders

  • Adapt their leadership style to draw out team capability
  • Have a growth mindset and view change as an opportunity
  • Respond rapidly to fast-moving environmental influences

AdventurousAdventurous Leaders

  • Are future-focused and explore global trends
  • Foster a culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Are bold and take calculated risks pushing beyond existing boundaries

Inside Out

We start on the inside, which means working with mental, emotional and physical processes and energies, drawing on the latest neuroscience research to reinforce learning.  We ensure that every person we work with takes accountability for the personal change necessary to enhance their performance. Indeed, Primonovo means ‘I Change First’.

Outside In

Our team have extensive commercial experience. We know what it feels like to be in business and understand what it takes to develop and sustain peak performance in our highly complex, global environment. This means that we connect quickly with clients and make an immediate impact to ensure visibly enhanced performance.