People Change Business

Staying ahead in the global marketplace is a challenge.

The sheer unpredictability and pace of change means organisations must deliver bigger, better and faster in a global marketplace. Today, the best leaders are authentic and inspirational, leading mindfully and confidently with their heads and their hearts. They are agile, flexible and quickly respond to external cues. They are also pioneering with big visions, challenging the status quo, leveraging diversity and driving continuous innovation.

The Primonovo team are behavioural catalysts. When leaders and their teams enhance their own thinking and behaviours, organisations will change for the better.  Primonovo literally means ‘I change first’.

As a global leadership development business, we help leaders, their people and their organisations stay ahead.

Our Focus:

  • Developing authentic, agile and pioneering leaders
  • Building high performing, collaborative and inclusive teams
  • Establishing values-driven organisational cultures

Our Edge:

  • Challenging the status quo to establish new thinking and behaviours
  • Leveraging the latest learning from psychology and neuroscience 
  • Delivering bespoke, practical and engaging initiatives which create observable change

The Numbers