Rick James

Leadership and OD consultant and … would-be professional footballer

Rick James is an consultant and facilitator specialising in leadership development, strategy and organisational change. He has 25 years’ experience working with international development agencies, charities and the corporate and public sectors.  He has an engaging facilitation style, drawing on participant experiences and sharing stories from around the world. He has particular interest in organisational development with NGOs and is passionate for charities to focus on where they can really make a difference rather than try and respond to the bottomless pit of need. He also has a strong track record in working with faith-based organisations, helping them make their programmes and cultures more congruent with their beliefs.

Rick has a PhD in NGO Management from CASS Business School, and an MBA from Bath University. He is Visiting Fellow at CASS Business School co-directing an NGO Management Masters programme. Rick has written a number of books including Inspiring Change; Demystifying Organisation Development and Leading with Courage and Humility. Rick lives in Bath with his wife and two daughters and regularly plays five-a-side football, albeit rather more slowly than in his younger years.