We develop authentic, agile and adventurous leaders using brain science to accelerate learning


We develop authentic, agile and adventurous leaders using brain science to accelerate learning

Leadership Development Programmes

We design and deliver face-to-face programmes of varying durations, for groups of leaders or teams, which are fast-paced, practical and focused. We agree learning outcomes with you in advance and are pro-active and responsive from beginning to end.

Team Development Workshops

A team development process comprises one or more events which provide the environment to explore and challenge existing behaviours and barriers to team progress, have the difficult conversations and create greater trust and enhanced team performance.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching is delivered face-to-face or by phone by a highly experienced, qualified coach usually lasting about 6 months in order to achieve your personal coaching goals. You will be encouraged to push through personal boundaries to develop and enhance your personal performance.

Keynote Speakers

Our keynote speakers share their knowledge, experiences and personal stories at public and corporate events to share the latest thinking on hot topics. We love to collaboratively stretch thinking and perspectives.


We consult on the people side of organisational change and work alongside you to unpick real issues and bring new approaches and practical solutions, such as competency frameworks and talent processes. We always pass on our knowledge and our goal is to leave you self-sustaining.

Hot Topics

Current ‘hot topic’ programmes include

Much of our work is structured around this leadership framework.

Leading Yourself

We encourage leaders to develop a deep awareness of ‘who they are as a Leader’ by reflecting on the motivations, values, strengths and defining moments so far that have informed their leadership journey. We show them how to tap into their head, heart and gut to inform their thinking. We also show them how to be resilient.

Leading Others

We show leaders how to demonstrate purpose, excitement, authenticity and vulnerability in equal measure to encourage the best out of their team members. We help them learn to build a culture of trust and to seek out, welcome and nurture the uniqueness and diversity in each of their team.

Leading The Business

We challenge and support leaders to develop and share a compelling vision for their business and explore how to build strong and profitable customer relationships. We also share tools for developing a bold, disruptive and innovative mindset so they ensure their businesses stay ahead.