Sarah Brammeier

Executive coach & leadership facilitator and … aspiring golfer

Sarah is an executive coach and leadership facilitator grounded in principles & practice of conflict resolution and transactional analysis. She is known for focus, challenge and relentless energy. In her work, she creates space for clients to increase ability to lead effectively and creatively in the face of uncertainty. Sarah loves her work as she gets to walk for a time with leaders who are changing the world through research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Her corporate experience includes an international food and wellbeing company, Executive Education (senior and accelerated high potential) at world-class Business Schools in Europe and China, Gulf-based energy and financial organisations and global strategic and innovative software consultancies.  In her spare time, you will find her using this experience to provide pro bono coaching support to UK-based social entrepreneurs.

Her credentials include an MA in International Peace Studies and an LLM in International Criminal Law. Additionally, she has qualifications in Organisational and Educational Transactional Analysis and is an ILM qualified Executive Coach. Outside of work, Sarah continues her energetic approach to life as she runs, cycles & is an aspiring golfer.