Kimberley Johnstone

Executive coach, leadership consultant and… Podcaster

Kimberley is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential, reconnect with their values and purpose and become better leaders, ultimately creating culture change in their organisations. Kimberley is known for her infectious enthusiasm, positivity, and her ability to quickly build rapport. She has a thirst for knowledge and brings that to her coaching and facilitating sessions.

She has over 20-years professional working experience spanning the U.S. government, U.S. politics, the legal and finance sectors. More recently she created and regularly hosts a podcast “The Undiscovered You” which helps people unlock their full potential. In addition to a BA in International Studies and a Juris Doctor, Kimberley has an ILM 7 and a Masters-Level Certification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and has achieved Professional Senior Practitioner level accreditation from the EMCC

When not working Kimberley enjoys singing, photography, writing, travelling and running (mostly after her two kids).